Paint Gauge – Coatings Measurement System


JASCH provides market stability and innovation with over 50 years of customer service delivering Industry Leading Technology, Cost Effectiveness and Flexibility in the Coating/ Converting Arena. JASCH is the world’s leading provider of systems control, process control and automation for control in the Converting market.

On-Line Coating and On-Line Converting Measurement and Control, from measuring basis weight on heavily-coated board to measuring basis weight, thickness, moisture and coating weight simultaneously on very wide high-speed label lines, JASCH brings extensive sensor technology and has the answer to your coating and converting needs!

JASCH specializes in helping to ensure the consistent, uncompromising quality and ROI of all products you produce in a web process form; Paper/Board/Tissue Control and Coating Converting markets.

Why do so many industry leaders worldwide rely on Jasch high performance systems to optimize their process and reduce cost to manufacture?

Jasch has been a dependable Gauging Supplier for over 50 years and many of our customers have systems operating for over 20 years. We provide an effective upgrade path to keep your system operating with the latest EnvisionUltra and Sensor technologies.

1Technical Specifications
Principle of measurement is based differential attenuation of beta rays as they are back scattered by painted or lacquered sheet surface.
Source                                                   :       Kr-85 Radioisotope 200mCi
Thickness Range                                 :       0.1 µm to 300 µm
Accuracy                                              :       ±0.25 micron
Repeatability                                       :       ±0.25 micron
Scanner Type                                       :       Single Beam, Sealed
Numbers of Measuring heads           :       One
Measuring Gap                                    :       20 mm
Measurement Principal                      :       Beta Backscatter
Detector                                                :       Ion Chamber
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  1. ArcelorMittal, Kazakhstan
  2. Safal Steel, Durban, SA
  3. Mabati Rolling Mills, Kenya
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