Continuous Galvanizing | Galvalume Lines Measurement System


XRF 3000

XRF-3000 coating gauge is designed for online measurement of metal coatings on both sides of metal sheet in Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL). The deviations from preset target values are instantly detected allowing immediate corrections to the production process to maintain uniform coating. Hundreds of installations worldwide are impressive evidence of the market acceptance and capability of XRF-3000, designed to be flexible and with open software architecture without compromising on system reliability and ease of maintenance.


  • Non-contact measurement
  • High speed scanning measurement
  • Air gap temperature compensation for measurement on hot webs
  • Automatic calibration after predefined interval for measurement stability
  • Automatic edge-detection of the web for accurate profile mapping
  • Highly precise (optionally pressurized) O-frame free from deflection and misalignment
  • Comprehensive Production Reports
  • Integrated water cooling Jacket
  • Suitable for measurement of Zinc, Aluminum, Aluzinc, Nickle, Tin, Terne etc.


  • Single Spot Measurement – The measuring heads can be positioned at any point across the strip width. In this mode, the coating gauge measures the machine direction trend of the coated weight.
  • Triple Spot Measurement - In this mode, the measuring heads are positioned in cycles, such that measurement is carried out at a selectable distance from left strip edge, at center line & at a selectable distance from right strip edge.
  • Continuous Scanning Mode - In this mode the measuring heads are continuously scanning from edge to edge of the strip. After each scan, the cross profile is displayed on the operator screen.
1Technical Specifications
The measurement principle is based on the fluorescence produced from base/coated metal in response to X-ray irradiation.
Substrate : Steel 0.120 to 4.0 mm
Scanner Type : O-Frame
Numbers of Measuring heads : Two (one top and one bottom side)
Measuring Gap : 40 mm
Coil Report Package : Length wise trend report, Historical Data Trends/Production Reports, End of Coil Status, Coil Histogram and Tolerance Segments.
Measurement Principal : X-Ray Backscatter and Fluorescence
Source : Oxford X-Ray Source
Detector : Ion Chamber
Measurement Range (per side)

Zinc : 0-350       g/m2
Gal-volume : 20-150     g/m2
Tin : 1-40         g/m2
Iron /Zinc : 10-200     g/m2
Aluminum : 30-120     g/m2
Nickel/Zinc : 5-250       g/m2
Terne : 1-40         g/m2
Measurement Area : Approx. 35mm in diameter
Standardization Frequency : Recommended after every 8hrs. (done automatically)
Standardization Time : Approx. 20 seconds (after shutter is open)
Initial warm up from cold start : Approx. 20 minutes.
Operation Temperature Range : Electronics Cabinet up to 35°C & O-Frame under normal CGL conditions.
Sampling Time : 20 mili seconds
Overall Integration Time : 200 mili seconds – 2 seconds
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